April 15, 2024

East Providence Prepares for Full Property Revaluation


East Providence, RI – The City of East Providence is in the process of a full property revaluation as required by Rhode Island general law. As a result, taxpayers will receive a new real property assessment upon completion to be used in calculating the 2025 tax bill. There will also be a new tax rate implemented at the completion of the process. The final stages of the process are slated to end in spring of 2025.

R.I. General Law (RIGL 44-5-11.6) mandates that cities and towns perform a statistical revaluation update every third and sixth year and a full property revaluation every nine years. The City’s last full property revaluation was conducted as of 12/31/2015, so we are due for a full revaluation as 12/31/2024 to take effect on the 2025 tax bills. Revaluations are important to a community to make sure the property assessments are up to date and ensure all assessments remain fair and equitable.

The city is working with revaluation company Catalis Tax and CAMA Inc., Formerly Northeast Revaluation Group to conduct the citywide Full Revaluation Project.

“Residents and property owners should expect a visit from a field representative of Catalis (formerly Northeast Revaluation) starting in March and continuing for the next several months, ending some time in the spring of 2025,” East Providence Tax Assessor Sarah Frew said. “The representatives will have identification badges clearly displayed while they are conducting the property inspection. The vehicles they drive will be on file at the East Providence Police Department and in the Assessor’s Office.”

During the visits, the representative will verify the measurements of the buildings, attempt to inspect the interior characteristics of the property, and take an updated photo of the property. If it is not a convenient time when the representative arrives, he or she will leave a note at the property with information regarding how to schedule an inspection at a time convenient for the resident/property owner. Please keep in mind, the data obtained will be used to calculate the assessment on your 2025 tax bill, so property owners cooperating throughout the process is a key factor to the assessment being accurate.

Assessor Frew also stated that property owners can visit the city website at 2024-2025 Full Revaluation | City of East Providence, RI (eastprovidenceri.gov) to stay up to date with different phases of the project, including a map identifying where field representatives will be, and other information throughout the process.

At the end of the process, property owners can expect to receive a new assessment in the mail. The new assessment notice will include information regarding an informal hearing process if property owners feel the new assessment is not accurate. If the taxpayer is not satisfied with the results of the informal hearing process, they may make use of a formal appeal process regarding their new values. That process will begin after taxpayers receive their tax bills in July of 2025.

For any questions regarding this process, please call the city of East Providence Assessor’s Office at 401-435-7574. More information on taxpayer revaluation can be found at Revaluation-Explained-web.pdf (nereval.com) and Catalis Tax & CAMA (nereval.com)


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