June 22, 2024

The Tone and Response - EMS week May 19 – 25 2024


The day shift is from 7:00 AM to 5 PM.

There are three people here for this day shift, two Paramedics and one EMT, (Emergency Medical Technician).

They are going over the ambulance - A1. A1 is an Advance Life Support ambulance with a “box” which is the patient’s compartment, mounted on a truck chassis. Going over this ambulance means checking everything. Everything, the oil, and whatever else is under the hood is checked. And is noted as being checked. Then the outside of the truck, the tires, lights, the wind shield wipers are checked. All the doors including the cabinet door are checked. In the cab they check the computer, radio, etc. The bay where the ambulance is garaged has the necessary electrical and exhaust hookups. The electrical hookup runs the lights etc. in the patient compartment. All the equipment is checked. Everything is counted and a list is made of what is needed to be replenished. The paramedics are responsible for checking the narcotics in the locked box.

The truck is washed and checked for any dents and scrapes. Any mechanical issues found along with any dents and scrapes are reported to the Ambulance Maintenance Committee.

These procedures and more happen at ever shift change. So, the crew is always prepared.

The ambulance crew relies on the Dispatcher, who receives the 911 calls and “tones” for the ambulance. The Dispatcher gives the location/address and the type of the emergency and any pertinent information regarding the person or persons.

If there is a call or a run, the ambulance crew has so much more to do besides the priority of caring for the patient and the transportation to a medical facility. There is documentation regarding a run. This is when having a well-researched computer and computer programs are essential in creating the important documentation.

The crew has a day room which has a kitchen wall: sink, stove, microwave, storage and a refrigerator. A large table with four chairs, a television on the wall over the table. There are five recliners, a table for computer work and a bulletin board. With the establishment of 24/7 accommodations were created: two bedrooms with bunk beds, a fan and television. There are two bathrooms with showers. Then there is an office and a supply room. The quarters require housekeeping, which is shared by the crew.

The Rehoboth Ambulance crews are ready, trained and well prepared.

If you have an emergency call 911


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