June 15, 2024

Rehoboth Mourns Longtime COA Employee


Rehoboth is mourning the death of Bradley Marshall, a former Council on Aging employee.

According to his obituary, “Marshall, 74, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, October 8, 2023 while vacationing in Spain. He was the beloved husband of James “Jimmy” B. Kelly, Jr., the couple had been together for forty-three years. They married on June 23, 2012.”

Selectman George Solas said Marshall had served as an Outreach Coordinator and SHINE representative for 11 years.

“He was a loyal and dedicated individual for our seniors,” Solas said Monday.

Marshall had worked in administration and was assistant vice-president at VA Hospitals in Providence, West Roxbury, and Jamaica Plain  for over twenty-five years until retiring in 2009. After retiring, he worked as a Southeast, MA, school van driver; salesman at Sears; and custodian at St. Blaise Church in Bellingham.

In 2015, Marshall received the Public Servant Award from the Rehoboth Lions Club, the Massachusetts Senate, and the Massachusetts House of Representatives. He was also recognized by the International Catholic Deaf Association, Providence Chapter #57 Certificate of Achievement Award for 8 weeks of Study in Bible and Prayer in 1995 and was named Member of the Year in 2007; Boston Federal Executive Board – Support Personal Award in 2002 and St. Francis Deaf Senior Citizens – Member for 9 years Award in 2009.

“Many of our seniors remember his dedication in providing them with help to better understand Medicaid, Medicare, and health insurance questions by providing one on one counseling and information,” Solas added.

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