May 21, 2024

Beckwith Middle School Basketball Teams


The Beckwith Middle School Girls Basketball Team has just wrapped up an exceptional season, achieving one of their finest performances to date. They proudly closed the season with an impressive Massasoit League record of 13 wins and 3 losses, along with an overall record of 17 wins and 4 losses. Remarkably, this places their record among the top 3 in the school's history!

A special congratulations are in order for the team as well as the standout 8th graders: Bailey D'Alessio, Campbell Cordeiro, Courtney Botelho, Annie Reed, Alexis Flood, Zoey Fortin, and Imelia Berwick. Best wishes to all of you as you advance to the high school level - keep up the great work!

The Boys Basketball Team at Beckwith Middle School concluded their season with a 3-13 record, but this outcome did not truly mirror the dedication and commitment exhibited by the players throughout the year. The team faced a challenging start due to injuries and illnesses; however, despite these setbacks, the boys persevered resulting in victories in 3 out of their final 5 league games.

The team was spearheaded by a group of talented 8th graders. Aiden Beagan showcased exceptional shooting skills, notably sinking 7 three-pointers in a single game. Sam Baker was a formidable inside scorer and led the team in rebounds. Domenic Andreozzi impressed with a standout performance during a game against Berkely, where he overcame an ankle injury, dominated defensively, and secured a crucial victory with a well-timed three-pointer. Miles Trexler excelled as the team's 6th man, consistently bringing an unstoppable offensive approach off the bench. Jonathan Bennett emerged as the versatile player, seamlessly adapting to different positions and fulfilling any role required for the team's success, always prioritizing the team's goals over personal accomplishments. Cole LeBlanc exhibited remarkable progress throughout the season. His hard work and continuous improvement earned him a spot in the starting lineup.

With a number of returning players, the future looks promising for this team.


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