September 26, 2022

I’m voting for transparency, I’m voting for Feeney


This upcoming election I am only voting for candidates that have campaigned in a way that is transparent, honest and respectful of us voters; candidates like Senator Paul Feeney. These days it has become all too commonplace for politicians to hide the truth from their constituents or to lie about their opponents, regardless of party. We deserve better. Make no mistake, candidates serve in office as they campaign for the office, with truth and authenticity like Paul Feeney or with deception and negativity like many others.

Senator Feeney has never misconstrued legislation to fit into a personal agenda, he’s always been transparent with his thought process when taking votes on our behalf, and he’s never lied while campaigning. Senator Feeney isn’t blinded by Ambition, he’s motivated by public service and serves with integrity. He’s the State Senator that our town deserves.

Donna O’Connor
Rehoboth, Mass


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