June 20, 2024

Thank You Rehoboth Forestry and Highway Crew!


I'd like to thank Rehoboth's Forestry Department and Highway Department crews for their prompt, courteous and thorough assistance. In the wake of the April 4, 2024 storm, at 5:17 AM, just prior to peak commuter time, a large tree fell across the road fully blocking traffic and our driveway in addition to grazing our garage and ripping down the power lines to our neighborhood.

National Grids response was commendable as they arrived at the same time I was reporting the outage. They collaborated with Rehoboth's Forestry and Highway crews to quickly clear the roadway and restore power to our neighborhood. But Rehoboth's outstanding crews didn't stop there. They returned the next day to clear the timber from the roadside and clean up the significant volume of limbs, branches, and other tree debris downed by the massive tree being uprooted during the storm. Then a few days later they returned again to shore up the road's edge damaged by the felled tree. Thank You gentlemen, your hard work is noticed and genuinely appreciated!


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