November 23, 2020

Education Now 2.0 Announces The Integration Of Two Innovative New Programs To Benefit Students In The U.S. And Nepal

“TinytinyHouses Now” and “Nepal Scholarships Now” Converge


Two exciting new educational programs from the nonprofit organization Education Now 2.0 have been combined into a single innovative program. These programs are a middle school STEAM scholastic competition “TinytinyHouses Now” and a scholarship program for needy students in Nepal “Nepal Scholarships Now.” On the surface, they appear to be worlds apart, but the EN2 Team has leveraged the best aspects of each resulting in a new, powerful program to benefit students.

EN2.0 educators from the United States will be heading to Kathmandu Nepal this summer to produce an exciting new workshop for teachers and students in partnership with the New Millennium School. Principal Joe Pirraglia from The Beckwith Middle School in Rehoboth, MA will participate in a cultural exchange and a series of professional development workshops with educators at the New Millennium School of Kathmandu, Nepal. During the workshops, EN2.0 educators will be incorporating lessons from their proprietary curriculum package into the project based learning and critical thinking activities as part of the curriculum development.

The Nepal Scholarships Now project is a global partnership between EN2.0 and the New Millennium School in Nepal. EN2.0’s scholarship program consists of teacher training, curriculum development, procuring school supplies and providing scholarships for students in need. This relationship allows for students in both Nepal and the United States to participate in web-driven cultural exchange activities such as the year long cultural exchange program between students at the the Rehoboth Middle school and the NMS which included communications exchange, sharing class work and social activities leading to life-long friendships for students, teachers and administrators.

EN2’s mission is to educate local and global communities about healthy sustainable educational practices. Carmel Valianti, founder and president of EN2.0, recently commented that “seeing Kabita Regmi, the curriculum developer from NMS work with Daryl Dunbar, TtHN program developer from the Somersworth Middle School in NH was extremely gratifying and watching Daryl review his students achievements in the TtHN competition was thrilling!

About Education Now 2.0
EN2’s “Tiny Houses Now” program is an exciting original educational curriculum that challenges students to learn about real world responsibilities such as home ownership, while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability, environmentalism and student civic engagement. Along with the curriculum, EN2.0 has created a scholastic competition where teams of middle school students apply knowledge from the program to build scaled down models of tiny homes. A regional educational competition where the winning team of students will have their model home constructed to full size and donated to a deserving homeless individual, veteran or FEMA victim.

Education Now 2.0 (EN2.0), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Middleton, MA and will be hosting a Fundraiser, “Winter Festival Now.” The event will be held on February 27th 2020 at The Community House, 284 Bay Road South, in South Hamilton, MA. from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

To learn more visit or call us at (978) 337-7506


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