February 25, 2024

Dave Luiz Announces Ward 3 School Committee Bid in EP

“It is a great honor to announce my candidacy for Ward 3’s School Committee’s seat" - Dave Luiz


Candidates are starting to line up for the November 5, 2024 election. One candidate, Dave Luiz, has announced that he is running for the East Providence Ward 3 School Committee seat. The seat is currently held by School Committee chairwoman, Jenni Azanero Furtado. Furtado announced in January that she will run for the District 64 State Representative seat, now held by Brianna Henries. "As a member of the school committee, I am glad to be a voice and advocate for residents. Now my goal is to be that same voice for the people of District 64,” said Furtado.

Luiz is vowing to “continue building and improving facilities, supporting teachers and staff, and making the children’s education his first priority.” Luiz has been active in community groups and was appointed by the City Council to the current Charter Commission. In his campaign press release, Luiz writes; “It is a great honor to announce my candidacy for Ward 3’s School Committee’s seat, currently held by Ms. Jenni Azanero-Furtado. I wish her nothing but the best in her next endeavor. As a lifelong Townie that is intimately aware of the issues facing our city and especially our children, I want to continue to make our schools all that they can be. I pledge to help cultivate an all-inclusive environment, not just for my child, but for ALL children. Our schools have made much progress over the past several years, but there is always more that can be done, and together we shall achieve that. I want to support our teachers and staff and to provide them with the tools they need to succeed. I will be an open door for all concerned parents seeking the best for their children,” continued Luiz.

“I believe that my experience on the Charter Commission and various other committees has provided me with insight as to some of the issues confronting this great city. I promise to listen to all suggestions, and I ask for your consideration in the next election.” Luiz can be reached at: (401) 470-0577 email: dluiz75.dl@gmail.com.

The statewide Primary Election date is Tuesday, Sept. 10. The 2024 General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 5.


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