June 18, 2024

Funding Capital Improvement Projects


During my time in office, I have witnessed numerous capital projects go from initial concept and planning, to funding, bidding, permitting, construction and completion. These processes often take several years, if not longer, to complete. This has been the process, a successful one, for years.

Proper planning, engineering and buy-in from multiple parties including buy-in from the Administration and department heads, who will need to execute these plans of action, are crucial to success.

Going against best practices, the East Providence City Council recently allocated $12.5 million for several projects and sequestered those funds with no input or buy-in from our Administration. In fact our administration voiced strong opposition to locking up these funds and provided reasons and facts as to why doing what they did would jeopardize those funds because these federal funds have timelines in which they need to be spent.

These federal funds need to be fully obligated by December 2024 and spent by December 2026 or they go back. The state and each of the 39 municipalities are facing the same problem – they all have the same timeline in place and are facing the same challenges. Engineering firms, architects and construction companies as well as supply chain issues have slowed down the process.

Under my Administration, we have been working on multiple existing Capital Improvement Projects over the last year that have a similar timeline. In many of these instances, the City has already started the process and expended City resources and funds to complete these projects.

I hope to work with Council President Bob Rodericks, who understands the complexity associated with these projects and who supported many of the vetoes against allocating these funds, as well as the rest of the East Providence City Council to maximize the use of these funds in the best interest of the entire community.


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