April 3, 2020



Entering the home1. Take your shoes off at the door 2. Wash your hands3. Spray the soles of your shoes with a cleaning solution4. Returning from work, follow steps above - thenPut all your clothes … more
As a former citizen of East Providence for forty-three years, a student, K through twelve, in its school system, a longtime teacher within that same system, and now, as a retiree, I want to express … more
Picture the home where you live. What would you do if you saw drugs being sold just 30 feet from your front door? What if you saw people having sex in a car, 30 feet from your front door? What … more

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As a citywide elected official in East Providence, I feel compelled to publicly comment on the scary pandemic we are all experiencing.  Most of all I comment as a lifelong Townie with a deep … more
I would like to offer a suggestion to Governor Raimondo regarding the critical need for medical equipment like ventilators, masks, safety equipment, etc., that is sorely needed by health workers and … more
If you’re feeling panicked about money in these uncertain times, I want you to hear me on this: You are not alone. You will be okay. People all across the country are wanting to know … more

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