July 9, 2020

Thank You to the Rehoboth Police


On the night of June 1st I noticed a police car in front of my house, lights swirling. I was hoping that yet another speeder was being stopped in this 20 mile an hour zone near the library where there are many children and too many bad accidents, at least one fatal. But when a second police car pulled up and the road appeared blocked, cars turning around, I was alarmed. I heard voices and cautiously went out to see what was happening. Flashlights blared and a police officer was heading up the driveway. He cordially explained that two people had gone into the woods alongside my property, and there appeared to be suspicious activity. It turned out to be very benign, but what struck me was the officer’s alertness and concern that something could be amiss and his taking immediate action accordingly. In these days when we too often do not take the time to aptly express appreciation, I want to commend his efforts and those of the other Rehoboth Police officer/officers that were with him. Thank you for being there.

Marsha Hood
Rehoboth, MA


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