February 25, 2021

Rehoboth Highway Department: Snow and Ice Policy


The information provided is a general overview of our snow and ice program, frequently asked questions, winter tips and also seeks your support to providing safe streets during snow and ice emergencies.

The Town of Rehoboth Highway Department is responsible for removing snow from and deicing 150+ miles of roadway and 6 municipal parking areas in the winter season.

The Highway Department uses 6 large trucks to de-ice the roadways. When conditions warrant the plowing of roadways to make them safe, the Town uses 13
Municipal vehicles and up to 28 contracted vehicles on 30 routes.

The Town of Rehoboth does not use straight salt as many surrounding Towns do. We use a 3 to 1 mixture of sand and salt (3 parts sand to 1 part salt) this will make our melting rate slower. This is done because we are a private well community.

Many factors determine the Town's response to a snow event, some of which may include:
a) The forecasted temperatures before, during and after the storm
b) The amount of accumulated snow
c) The duration of the storm
d) The road surface temperature

No Snow Deposited in Public Way
Rehoboth Town By-Law (Article VI, Section 7) prohibits the depositing of snow or ice onto or across any public way, which has been cleared or plowed for public travel. This by-law addresses the ongoing problem of private contractors and homeowners plowing snow from private driveways into the public way. This causes unsafe road conditions, which must be corrected by the Highway Department. Any owner or agent violating this by-law shall be punished by a fine as well as any cost incurred by the Highway Department to correct the conditions.

Plow Damage
The Town is not responsible for damaged lawns, sprinkler heads, fences, steps, trees or shrubs that are located in the public way. The public street layout is generally 40 feet wide but can be as much as 75 feet wide, which usually extends beyond the street pavement.

The Town will not be responsible for mailboxes that are physically hit by snow pushback. Mailboxes will be replaced if physically hit by a Town snow plow, it must be witnessed and a description of the plow vehicle must be given. Mailboxes will not be repaired if they are in a deteriorated condition or are damaged by snow pushback. Mailboxes and posts physically hit by a Town snowplow will be fixed and/or replaced by the Town with a standard wooden post and mailbox.

The Highway Department will keep a stock of sand-filled buckets to temporarily restore fallen mailboxes in the event the ground is frozen and enables the proper installation of new mailbox. The Highway Department will properly finish the installation of the new mailbox when the ground thaws.

The Town will remain and tend to brush, limbs or trees that fall and lie in the public way that impends on the snow removal process. Private bush, branches or trees that fall outside of the public way during storms are the responsibility of that property owner.

Residents are urged to place reflective stakes along the edge of lawns and the corners of driveways and walkways.

Plow vehicles while employed by the Town cannot be hired or requested to clear snow from private driveways or walkways.

Sand / Salt Mixtures for Residents
Rehoboth residents may pick up a sand/salt mixture at the Highway Department yard. Please bring your own container and shovel. If for some reason you are unable to fill and load your containers please stop in at the Highway Garage for assistance. In consideration of all Rehoboth residents, we ask that you limit your sand/salt pickup to four five- gallon containers. Commercial and private contractors are not allowed.


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