May 28, 2024

Regarding the Proposed 35-foot Wetland Preservation Zone By-law


A vote will be held at the May 9 Town Meeting.

If you drive around town these days, you can’t help but notice that the rural character of our town is rapidly changing. New developments are springing up left and right, replacing pastures, farm lands and wooded areas.

Are you concerned about how all this new construction could affect the quality of your drinking water?
After heavy rains, does your property flood more often than it used to?

The majority of towns in Massachusetts require 35-foot buffer zones to protect their wetlands. Rehoboth is one of the very few that does not.

Please vote YES at Town Meeting on May 9 to create strong 35-foot buffer zones around our wetlands and help keep Rehoboth’s drinking water clean!

How will passage of this by-law affect you?

This proposed by-law will apply to FUTURE CONSTRUCTION ONLY. If you currently own a home or farm, a YES vote will not require you to change a thing. You will not have to modify your existing buffer zones, if any, no matter what size they are now. However — the 35-foot buffer zone requirement will apply to that new housing development that could be built next door to you at some future point in time.

For more information, please contact the Friends of the Palmer River:

Thank you,
Connie Grab
Rehoboth, MA


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