June 13, 2024

Regarding Rubbish Pickup


To the Senior Citizens of Rehoboth,

I have done a survey of my neighborhood, regarding rubbish pickup by WIN WASTE Innovations. I found that we are paying an exorbitant amount for rubbish pickup. The amounts paid vary – I pay $182.94 for 3 months – I’m single, with one 14-gallon bag of rubbish a week. My neighbors – a young family of 4 – pay $98.94 – same company – same service. A $20 increase just took place. I’m paying double the amount my neighbor pays. What’s wrong with this picture – why is that? I called the company to no avail – they would reduce the fee to $150.00 for 3 months… still too much; and won’t pick up once a month – only weekly. I cancelled the service. This may seem like a trivial matter; but it’s important to seniors who live on social security. What do I do why my rubbish now?  How many other seniors are dealing with the same situation? If enough of us complain, maybe some changes for the better will happen.

The Board of Selectmen feel that this matter isn’t within their purview. If the company needs a license to operate in Rehoboth, they should be held accountable for what they are charging. They have bought out most other companies – so they have a monopoly in town – and charge whatever they want.

Thank you,
Pat Horton
Rehoboth, MA


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