February 21, 2019



Within a year or so Hillary Clinton will be the target of an FBI/justice dept. regarding surveillance powers during the campaign, dishonesty when applying for FISA warrants e-mailing of "classified info", donations to the "Clinton foundation”, fraud in front of the FISA court, Benghazi (ms) incident,$$to GPS fusion to create the infamous "dossier"(to spy on the Trump team)the incidents involving the FBI/DOJ are difficult to navigate because high rankers are democrats and like all other democrats the main object is to obstruct/confuse /prevent.ie government shutdown so our service people got delayed paychecks, withhold many bills now in the senate for vote and remain there because smuckie chuckie and the crumb lady fancy Nancy Pelosi will NOT authorize them to be brought up for final passage. Some things Dems did not stand up for during the state of the union speech while being dressed in black, frowning faces, and refusing to stand, hissing etc. I was taught to respect even if i did not agree. The Dems do what they please and blame others after. They (Dems) chose NOT to rise for a few items like border security, fighting opioids, bonus for Americans low unemployment, merit based immigrants, Jerusalem (ms) as Israel’s capital, millions of new jobs, stock market highs, the American flag, bonuses, rising wages lower taxes, tax refund, return of industrial companies to America, bonuses handed out to employees etc. are these the "crumbs Nancy Pelosi refers to?? I suggest if you are unhappy with your "crumbs" you send them to me. Such a sad depressing issue when two fractions Dem/Rep cannot get along and have play the events like a sport issue each hoping to win. Well guess what we all know who the losers are, you and I. We need to inform some of these imposters the time has come to wish you a happy retirement. Please go away. Right Nancy, Chuck and Liz??

P .Sharp/Rehoboth


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