June 16, 2019

EP Mayor-Elect DaSilva Forms Transition Team

Cross-section of community to guide East Providence's first-ever elected Mayor


East Providence Mayor-Elect Bob DaSilva announces the formation of a transition team to guide him as he prepares to move into his role as the city's first elected mayor. The transition team’s makeup includes individuals with experience in business, municipal and state government as well as in the arts and recreation. The team is chaired by Ernest Almonte, former Auditor General for Rhode Island from 1994 to 2010. Almonte is assisted by vice-chair and State Representative Gregg Amore.

Team members will meet with the various city department heads and employees to learn which strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats exist in the delivery of services. By having one-on-one encounters with each department, DaSilva hopes to get an in-depth view of city hall from the point of view of its employees.

"I want to learn through the eyes of experienced individuals with various backgrounds what our employees need and desire to improve their delivery of services. Our team will also evaluate if we are employing best practices and making the best use of our personnel resources," said DaSilva. "I am honored to have an incredible group of people volunteering to help us shape a successful administration. I couldn't be more pleased to have a person like former Auditor General Ernest Almonte leading the team. His finance background, integrity and leadership will be invaluable in guiding me in our transition," said DaSilva.

Acting City Manager Chief Christopher Parella has met with the team and will be aiding them in setting up the meetings between the transition team and department heads and employees. A subgroup of the team will specifically look at the state of the arts, culture and recreational opportunities within the city. The transition team will prepare a report to the mayor detailing their findings.

Transition Team Members:

Ernest Almonte - Former Auditor General for Rhode Island and CPA

Greg Amore - EPHS Athletic Director, Educator and RI State Representative

Valerie Perry - Former City Clerk and Councilwoman

Charlie Tsonos - Ward 1, School Committee Chairman

Tony Ferreira - Ward 2 School Committeeman

Nate Cahoon - Ward 3 School Committeeman and Councilman-Elect

Robert Britto - Ward 1 Councilman

Paul Moura - Former RI State Senator and Representative and member of the East Providence Waterfront Commission

Helder Cunha - RI State Representative, Business Owner Construction

Chrissy Rossi - Former City Councilwoman and School Committeewoman

William Fazioli - Former East Providence City Manager and Chairman of the East Providence Waterfront Commission

Jeanne Boyle - Former East Providence Planning Director

Laura McNamara - Executive Director of East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce

Michael Marcello Esq. - Former RI State Representative, Former Woonsocket City Solicitor

Peter Santos - Director of Information Technology Providence School Department

Joshua Luis Pereira - Computer Operation Specialist & Business Owner

Steve Rosa - Business Owner - Specializing in Marketing

Melissa Linhares Spurr - Business Owner - Specializing in Marketing

Phil Tirrell - Business Owner - Specializing in Realty

Maureen Gomes-Lopez - Retired Johnson & Johnson Sales Field Personnel Administration, Retired AFSCME Executive/Chief Negotiator Higher Education

Mark Mancinho - AFL-CIO Political Director

Samantha Burnett - Certified Paralegal background in Finance, Legal Research and Acquisitions

Daniel Brito - Business Owner - Specializing in Construction & Building

Rick Lawson - Information Technology & Arts

Damian Ramos - President Mohawks - recreation and arts

Mike Resendes - Business Owner & President of EPYSA

Jen Cahoon - Business Owner and Artist

Alba Curti - Retired Director of East Providence Recreation Dept.

Nick Shattuck - Educator and EPHS Assistant Athletic Director

Bill Mulholland - Retired Director of Pawtucket Parks & Recreation

Richard Watrous - Local Designer, Arts Advocate & Creative Consultant


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