June 26, 2017



Rehoboth Animal Advocates, Inc. (RAA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization relying on donations, fundraisers and dedicated benefactors. It is committed to the care and support of abandoned and … more
On June 30th of this year, I will be retiring from my position as President & CEO of CO-OP, a local non-profit agency supporting people with disabilities. I am truly grateful for having worked 28 … more
This last April, a resounding “NO” vote against the compressor station in town was a tremendous step in the right direction in the fight to stop Spectra/ Enbridge’s pipeline … more

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The greatest joy a father can have is serving and caring for his family and community. The more we aim to treat our family like our Father treats us, the more likely they are to live the lives that … more
“Isn’t she cute?” This is the usual comment we hear when people first meet our dog Lucy. Yes, she is cute and loveable, but this friendly and frisky little spaniel harbors a dark secret. When … more
When it comes to debt, student loans and credit cards can be detrimental to the financial success of young adults. The devastating mistakes students make in college can haunt them for years and keep … more

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