September 25, 2021



The BOS recently voted to demolish the Anawan School. Did anyone think that the Town could sell a brick or more those who would like a memento of the school? The School Comm did NOT do the town of … more
Hi again folks! As I mentioned in my first follow-up to the “MEMO”, I have finally retired! I also said “stay tuned”. It seems I may not have fully and finally retired after all. Shortly … more
Between 1971 and 1991, the population in eastern Massachusetts increased 15%, yet the area of developed land increased 35%. By 2020, the population is projected to increase by 8%, but another 23% of … more

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Disappointment comes in all shapes and sizes. Dealing with disappointment, heartbreak and unexpected transitions is a frustrating but normal part of life. Some heartbreaks are major and … more
Everyone’s talking about the real estate gold rush. And buyers are doing some pretty crazy stuff to stay competitive—like offering way over the asking price and, in some cases, offering … more
Imagine a reality where you can afford to move into your dream house, send your kids to college without debt, and give so generously that it transforms your community. If only . . . right? Wrong. … more

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