October 15, 2021

Summer in Seekonk


There’s nothing like summertime in New England. The old saying, “if you do not like the weather, wait a minute” continues its legacy. Hot, cold, dry and soggy.

It is nice to see that Town Government lives and dies by the same legacy. The hypocrisy demonstrated by the Town Leaders is astounding. Do as I say and not as I do remains in full force and effect.

During the most recent Board of Selectmen’s meeting, two veteran members chose to dress down an impending reappointment to the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Chairman said he had heard from community members relative to the candidate for reappointment and he wanted them (the community members) to “get a fair shake”, “feel like they are going to be heard and not just receive lip service.” He also said he was concerned of “appearances” and “recusing for the purpose of conflict of interest.” Really?

The Chairman has a selective memory. He should be recounting his participation in appointing Department Heads and the manipulation of the process that he either contrived and or actively guided that amounted to a few failings. Failings that have cost the Town wasted time and money. Be heard? Being heard is a relative statement. Being heard and answered with logic is another. Being heard and participating in open dialog is yet another. Each time the Chairman was approached about topics like Building with Budgets and the lack of current policies and follow up procedure as well as the appointment of the Police and Fire Chief positions, he was silent. Met with him one time and all he could say was a derogatory comment about one of the candidates that was a cause to dismiss the person from the process. “Fair shake”? Really?

How about another Board Member telling us how Boards and Committees should work? Granted threatening to resign on paper and not in person does not prove a sign of support but it does let the Board of Selectmen know the teamwork and the lengths a committee is willing to go to keep their team together.

The Board of Selectmen and the School Committee have stepped all over our Town By-Laws so frequently that their own footprints are embedded, knee deep. Do as I say and not as I do. The hypocrisy is not to be believed and it has cost the Town of Seekonk Residents plenty. They are the last to lecture on “how Boards and Committees should work.”

Thirteen million dollars appropriated for what was supposed to be 10 additional classrooms to the Mildred Aitken School. Every Town Meeting has heard “we are on schedule and under budget” but there are never any financials provided. The only thing we as a community see are the tax bills and we have NOT seen the full impact of this project yet. The process began in 2018 and it has continued without the proper oversight by the Executive Board in this Town. The same Executive Board charged with enforcing our Town by Laws!

If you like Town Government, wait a minute. Do some research, read just what and how things are supposed to be done. There are potholes everywhere and they are multiplying.

As for the Zoning Board Members who have written to support their fellow member’s reappointment, pay attention. At least one member of the Board of Selectmen who believes you were threatening may have just decided on your next reappointment whenever that will be.

Happy Summer
Doreen Taylor


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