August 8, 2022

Seekonk Zoning Board Continues Hearing on Condos


The Zoning Board of Appeals voted to continue a public hearing on a proposed condominium development for to January 24.

RI Seekonk Holdings LLC, located at 44 Davis St., and RI Seekonk Holdings, LLC, Trustee of the Greenbrier Village II Primary Condominium Trust, based in Providence, sought a comprehensive permit pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40B to construct seven buildings with a total of 240 multi-family residential units, which will include 60 affordable units.

The project will be located at 800 Fall River Avenue on approximately 15.2 acres of land.

The board also voted on December 21 to extend the time agreement for the petition until January 31.

Attorney Eric Brainsky, representing the petitioner, said his client would be working on a landscaping and lighting plan for the project.

According to an October 2020 letter from Town Planner John Aubin to the Massachusetts Housing Partnership in Boston, there were numerous concerns about Greenbrier I including “ongoing issues with trash disposal and on-site debris/litter as well as stormwater maintenance in Greenbrier I that should be resolved prior to allowing for further capacity via Greenbrier II.”

Aubin said the Seekonk Board of Health “has received numerous complaints and has addressed issues with overflowing dumpster. It appears that more dumpsters and increase of service need to be added to the facility. Adequate provisions for trash collection points and removal should be made for the proposed Greenbrier II expansion.”

Aubin stated there needs to be a traffic study to “be conducted to determine the operational impacts from the development especially during the morning and evening peak hours at the intersections of Greenbrier Drive at Fall River Avenue and Cole Street at Fall River Avenue. These will be critical intersections with the combined traffic from the current use and proposed use of Greenbrier.”

A report from the transportation and engineering firm Vanasse and Associates was submitted to Zoning Board Chairman Keith Rondeau on December 17.

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