June 20, 2024

Seekonk Committee Openings


Seekonk has many openings on town boards and committees but a shortage of volunteers. 
Select Board Member Pam Pozzi believes more information would be helpful in filling those vacancies. “I think it’s great that we have these boards and committees, they’re part of our town government,” Pozzi said at the May 8 meeting. “I think we need to bring more awareness (to the public) about what these boards and committees are and what they do.”

Pozzi suggested having various committee chairs make presentations about what they do, the subjects they discuss, the time commitment involved, etc. Member Michael Healy thought the town should hire a consultant to recruit members for the Economic Development Committee.
 “That whole Route 6 corridor, I think we have to look at,” Healy said. “We have to focus on what does the future of Seekonk look like with what’s going on down there? It’s changing. There’s some empty spaces. They’ve been empty for awhile. What can we do to bring in sustainable businesses that will bring in that tax base that we need and also bring in visitors to come to our community.”

There is one opening on the Board of Registrars, five openings on the Capital Improvement Committee, five openings on the Commission on Disability, four openings on the Energy Committee, one opening on the Finance Committee, two openings on the Historical Commission, one opening on the Recycling Committee, one alternate for the Zoning Board of Appeals, and one opening on the Cultural Council.


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