October 4, 2023

Rehoboth Senior Citizens’ Club News


Welcome back! How fortunate we are to have a new facility for our meetings at the Rehoboth Senior Center at the Francis Farm location!!! Have you visited the main building? It is beautiful and welcoming!

My name is Donna Howard, the newly elected President of the Rehoboth Senior Citizens’ Club. Did you know that here are many Rehoboth residents who are eligible to join us at our meetings? We have many exciting activities and celebrations planned for the coming year -- and YES, we are working on having our Annual Bazaar and Raffle.

Our first meeting was held on May 18, 2022. Many new ideas were offered and embraced, and new members were welcomed and introduced.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at the Rehoboth Senior Center at Francis Farm. Snacks and dessert will be provided and there will be a variety of table games in friendly tournament fashion. (Maybe a door prize or two, as well) Winners of the games will be awarded small, fun prizes and everyone will contribute laughter and camaraderie to make this a very enjoyable time to connect with, or make new, friends. Just to be safe, masks will be optional and, and if you need any, they may be picked up inside at the Nurse’s table by the front door.

Our Rehoboth Senior Citizens’ Club has been reactivated after the long dormancy due to the Senior Citizen building fire and the Covid – 19 restrictions; it needs your input of ideas, smiles and friendships to continue to thrive!

So, will we see you at our next meeting in June? We miss you!

Donna Howard, President
Rehoboth Senior Citizens’ Club


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