October 15, 2021

Q & A with Daniel Silva

Posted by JimChandley

View our full session with Daniel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjAwNiYcqiE

Daniel Silva will play the small forward position for the Seekonk Warriors basketball squad this season. He figures to be a leader, both in the lockerroom and on the scoresheet. While a conference title may be a long shot this season, there is one place Silva wants to lead his team: the state tournament.

"We're looking to make the playoffs, and possibly win a game in the states," said Silva in a Q & A with The Reporter. We had to follow up, just one game?

"We definitely have the talent [to go deeper]. Once we get in the states, we're going to be facing bigger kids. We have the talent, and hopefully that will make up for the size we don't have."

Generally, a trip to the tournament means a successful season in Seekonk, where the last state tournament win occurred in 2006. That championship team included Daniel's older brother, Ricky Silva, the last man to add his name to the 1,000 point club at Seekonk.

This has drawn comparisons between the brothers as Daniel readies for his senior season, likely with more comparisons to come. So we asked, do the comparisons bother Daniel, and is it a source of pressure?

"He was a great player, scored 1,000 points. I always get asked if I'm going to do that. I don't know, it makes me want to be better. Of course I want to score 1,000 points. I like the pressure," said the Seekonk swing-man.

Silva is a quiet person by nature, but is nonetheless expected to lead this season. We asked if his soft-spoken nature makes that job more difficult, and if he's equipped to handle a challenge like Josh Silva. Josh (no relation to Daniel), is an amazingly talented young player, but lacks polish and discipline he will need at the varsity level.

"I know I'm quiet. They make fun of me for that. I'm getting louder, I need to be louder. When I get louder and I step it up, they all do."

"I've been working with him. Once in a while, you've got to tell him to relax. He gets carried away and he'll get mad at you, but if you keep going he'll understand," Daniel said.

Asked if his team would be the most successful one at Seekonk this winter, Silva replied, "I'd have to give it to track. They've been good the last couple years." The track team is a solid group, and includes a corps of distance runners who just won a state title in cross-country.

Daniel is also an outstanding baseball player. While his versatility often leaves him moving around defensively, he is a fixture at the top of the Seekonk lineup. So, is he looking forward to baseball season yet? "I expect a really good season. We've got a lot of players coming back. I'm focused on this right now, but I'm always looking forward to it."


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