November 27, 2021

Part 7: Special Veterans' Day Event for the 60th Anniversary of Naming the EP Expressway (I-195) for Our Military Veterans


In Dec. 1959, Governor Del Sesto asked, a committee was set up in 1960, the public submitted names, 14 bridge memorials were established, and then dedicated on Nov. 11, 1961 for 28 veterans who died during WWII or the Korean War. This dedication event is being re-enacted 60 years later. The public submitted names of EP residents who are veterans and military members to the EP Military Service Honor Roll. This virtual honor roll is viewable on the East Providence Historical Society's website,, under "City Wide Project". This honor roll will be presented to the city on Nov. 6th. Replacement bridge memorial signs are being printed and installed. Most of the 14 bridges have been rebuilt or fortified recently. No more lengthy traffic delays. It is time to celebrate our veterans, military service members, and the East Providence Veterans Memorial Expressway (EPVME)!

Schedule of EPVMER2021 events:
More details at 

Now: Watch the on-line "Tribute to EP WWII Veterans" (at bottom of the epvmer2021 web page)

Please read and check the EP Military Service Honor Roll, posted at (under "City Wide Project") and submit only corrections and deletion requests.

October: Watch other on-line EP War Tributes and the
stay at home ceremony on-line as it becomes available
If you have no internet or cell phone and can not go to the library to view on the computer, you can check out a CD from the library. Requests for a limited number of the EP War Tributes and ceremony on a CD can be emailed in mid-October. A CD or DVD player or computer w/o the internet is needed to view the CD.

Nov. 1st-12th: Display in the E P City Hall Lobby
Sponsored by the EP Historical Society
Copies of the letters submitted in 1960 requesting a veteran's bridge memorial on the EP Expressway. The original letters survived the fire at EP City Hall in 1976.

Nov. 6 event: Saturday, 1-3 pm Pierce Memorial Stadium
Formal Double Re-dedication Ceremony:
1. Re-dedication of the bridge memorial signs with the relatives of the veterans present
2. Re-dedication of the EPVME for veterans of all wars since WWII via the presentation of the EP Military Service Honor Roll to the city antique car parade: Meet, salute, and thank our veterans and military members

Bring flags, hand bells, a folding chair or blanket to sit on the metal bleachers, face mask, gloves, social distance, etc. No pets, horns, flashing lights, guns, weapons, helium filled balloons, plastic or foil confetti. Shower our marching military members with live or dried rose petals.

Ceremony program: Download and print on paper before the event or bookmark the website on your phone to view during the event.

The bell from the A. P. Hoyt School tower will be present and rung during the ceremony. Three schools were demolished when the freeway was constructed. Think of it as the bell of freedom.

Donations of new winter clothing and food gift cards, etc. to be collected for a Prov. organization that gives a hand up to assist veterans.

Sign up to reserve and pre-pay in cash for a book about our "EP Veterans with Individual War Memorials", an e-book pictorial "Tour of some EP War Memorials", and an e-book about several "Ocean State EP sailors". Or purchase, when available, via the EPVMER2021 website.

Come be part of the parade, walk, ride in a wheelchair or scooter around the track carrying flags and/or ringing bells, after the antique car parade. Or sit and watch from the bleachers. Greet our veterans and military members. Salute and thank them for their service.

Nov. 7 event: Sunday
Dedication of the Andrews Brothers Memorial Exit
12:45 pm - 1 pm, Broadway, across from Freeborn Ave.

1 - 3 pm Bridge Memorial Signs Drop-in Visitation
Visit, in any order, selected, new bridge memorial signs. Many signs are along Warren Ave., near or under the overhead bridge ramps. (Details TBA on website, in the EP Post, and posted at the Nov. 6th event.)

Check website and radio for last minute cancellation due to weather (rain will cancel, light snow will not) and pandemic levels. There is no rain date. Stay at home on- line presentations can be viewed any time.

This event is organized and funded by the EPVMER2021 committee of volunteers to re-enact the 1961 event, to document those who served, and to honor our veterans and military service members.


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