January 23, 2022

Pack2 Pirates

Posted by cubmaster

The landlubber boys an' the'r scallywag parents o' Pack2 Rehoboth spent th' last weekend o' Septembree as Swashbucklers at th' High Seas themed campin' area o' Cub World. They be gi'en sea dog names an' tattoos, played sea dog games, hunted fer buried booty, earned belt loops an' cub bucks, built then raced sea dog ships an' explored th' campground. They be also treated wi' a hearty bowl o' “Friendship Soup,” a mixture o' various cans o' soup shared by each family – jus' like th' sea dogs used t' do! Their night ended by th' fire, sharin' ghostly stories an' tasty s`mores. They then enjoyed bunkin' in th' belly o' two large Swashbuckler ship shaped cabins, complete wi' cannon portals an' poop decks. All boys be promoted t' 1st Mate fer a job well done!

Sounds excitin'? Visit us at www.pack2rehoboth.com t' find ou' more!


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