July 4, 2022

Fire Chief Warns About Mixing Chemicals


Rehoboth Fire Chief Frank Barresi is warning residents about the danger of mixing chemicals.

One resident who had mixed chemicals outdoors had a strong reaction and almost passed out. The person also had “respiratory issues” which the department responded to, Barresi told the Board of Selectmen Monday.

The fire department had to clear the area and make sure it was safe before the paramedics arrived to treat the victim.

Another incident involved Clorox on sheets which had been placed in a container along with towels that had nail polish remover on them. Acetone, a highly volatile and toxic chemical, is found in nail polish. Because these materials sat for an extended period of time, it caused a chemical reaction which started a small fire, Barresi explained.

Residents who are planning to use their swimming pools or work in their gardens also need to use caution.

“Please look at the labels if you’re going to mix (them),” Barresi added.

“We really don’t want to see anybody get hurt.”


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