June 16, 2024

Nurturing Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety


My partner and I moved here in April of last year after falling in love with the area. We find the tranquil beauty of nature here to be inspiring and have enjoyed so much the opportunity to make new friends with those who have lived here far longer than we have. The location couldn’t be better, both in proximity to breathtaking beaches as well as direct connection to major urban centers and academic excellence. In short, we love it.

Moving here from a large city, one of the things that we miss, though, is the ability to easily and safely go for a run or a bike ride. Despite this lack of local pedestrian paths or bike lanes, we see a consistent and ever-growing presence of bicyclists and walkers on the local roads. However, I don’t know when I have felt so in mortal danger when taking a stroll or jumping on my bike to go to a local farm. There is so much here that is well within people-powered modes of transportation, it is a shame that it isn’t easier to get there by means other than a car or truck.

We continue to witness a major movement of younger people coming to this part of New England, many of whom value the ease of a walk to the market or a bike ride to a local trail. I believe this is an opportunity for Rehoboth to invest in bike lanes and pedestrian paths; much research has shown that these investments pay dividends over time, lowering local health care costs, improving quality of life, and attracting a new generation of residents who understand both the historical value of this unique area as well as its potential for future generations.

I encourage the city of Rehoboth to consider making investments now, starting small, to ensure that its timeless beauty is sustained through strategic choices which nurture people’s independence and mobility. I think cost-effective investment in people-centered infrastructure is a good first step in imagining the next 400 years of this special place.

Roddy Schrock


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