May 25, 2024

Cheryl Lynn Silva-Crawford

Sept 26, 1968 - April 4, 2022


Compliance Manager and UNIFY Global Administrator at Red Nucleus, Spring Grove, Illinois, United States.

Cheryl lived at 198 Homestead Avenue in Rehoboth, Ma with her family until schools and colleges called her away. She started her education at the old Anawan School. We were asked about her skipping a grade, but we wanted her to be with children her own age. She was taught at home and couldn't wait to start school.

When finishing college she bought a 4 acre farm in Lake Villa, Illinois where she lived for 19 years with Katy Sue, her sheltie, Venus and Taya, her cats. Later on she bought two shelties, Brody and Duchess. She loved the old farm with the silo, barn and sheds. She had her own garden from strawberries to pumpkins and her shelties could run around all they wanted to in the fenced in field. She had many deer and animals visit from the woods. She said it felt like she was back home in Rehoboth. Cheryl married James Crawford of Spring Grove, Illinois, Sept. 29th, 2019 in Wisconsin, just over the border, and they lived on Cheryl's 4 acre farm in Lake Villa, Illinois. Cheryl became ill 5 months after they were married. 1 was told by her husband that her illness kept her in and out of the hospital. Even though she was ill, they bought a four bedroom house with a pool, hot tub, finished basement with a pool table and bar, etc. on June 28th 2021 and the four acre farm was sold in September 17, 2021. Cheryl never really got to enjoy the new house. She passed away several months later in the Spring Grove, Illinois hospital. To this day, boxes are still unpacked in the basement.

Cheryl was predeceased by her father Alfred Silva of Rehoboth, MA. She leaves behind a husband, who has an adult daughter, Amberlynn who was married on April 6th 2022, and two adult sons, Andy and Josh Crawford, of Illinois, her Mother, Shirley (Bennett) Silva of Rehoboth, Ma, and brother, George Perrin­Mohr and wife Maryalice Mohr of Jamaica Plains, Boston, MA and an uncle, Leslie Bennett, and wife Jeanne of East Bridgewater, MA and five aunts, Anita (Bennett) Diiorio of Raynham, MA, Nancy Zito (Bennett) of Seekonk, MA, Beverly (Bennett) Fitzgerald of Concord, New Hampshire, Kathryn (Bennett) Pollard of Largo, Florida, Betty (Bennett) Dupfily of Attleboro, MA and several cousins and her two shelties, Brody and Duchess and many close friends.

Cheryl was of no specific religion. We went to any church indoors or out we wanted to. Her special place was a huge flat-topped boulder in our backyard near the edge of the woods where she would sit and watch the birds and animals around her while she read a book or did some of her homework. She even made a wooden sign with the number of her little area and stuck it in the ground to let you know, this is private property. One day on our bike ride she wanted to stop at a church. I put the bikes aside and turned around and she was gone. I sat down and waited awhile and then went to look for her. She was inside sitting with a lady. The woman smiled at me and left. I asked no questions as most parents would have done. As I have said, Cheryl was a very special person. Not many have seen the side of her that I have. Her religious father maybe. He never said. She was on a bowling team with her father and continued bowling when she lived in Illinois with other friends.

Cheryl was a talented bowler and took lessons to improve her skills. Through the years she bowled in many leagues. She enjoyed dog sports and dog classes, such as obedience, agility, rally and scent work. Cheryl was a gifted artist and frequently participated in acrylic painting in local restaurants and online. She was an avid sports fan as she rooted for her Patriots, Red Sox and Bruins as well as the Chicago Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks. Cheryl was always up for any new adventure, such as BBQ judging, cooking classes, dancing classes and zip lining. She engaged in every activity with a warm smile that would light up the room and she added friends in each new hobby along the way. Cheryl helped her mother (who is a lifetime member of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society, Robbins Museum and Rehoboth Antiquarian Society) whenever she was working on a dig for native artifacts at the Toby or Dyer site, both in Rehoboth, Ma. Cheryl also helped find artifacts on a Cape Island on weekends when not digging for clams or fishing. She loved the Cape and rode her bike around the canal and took many pictures of the canal when it was frozen over, and also fished and camped there on weekends. She learned to ride her bike for the first time without training wheels, on Mother's Day while camping. She loved to sit in the back of the canoe to guide it over to the island. Cheryl had many different summer jobs, one was the summer she worked for the Rehoboth Town Hall on Peck street. She also was a Girl Scout with her neighbor Karleen Kelly whose mother, Sharon, led the group.

Cheryl was a student at Dighton Rehoboth High School and was active in many activities, graduating with high honors and a scholarship to Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. She remained active in many organizations, including choir, all while managing a job. She graduated magna cum laude with high honors with a B.A. in economics. She also earned a 4 year scholarship from Bowdoin College to a New York College, but she chose going to Illinois. She earned her Masters Degree in Macroeconomics and Finances from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She continued her education with several Professional Certifications including Data Analytics, RAPS, PMI and PMP, project management professional organization. She was compliance manager and UNIFY Global Administer at Red Nucleus, Spring Grove, Illinois, also attended the Wharton School and earned her certification in Data Analytics. She received many recommendations.

Cheryl Was an experienced pharmaceutical professional and management consultant with over 19 years of global industry knowledge, specializing in regulatory affairs, clinical operations and technology, then implementation project management. Cheryl led the effort to identify and quantify cost savings within Abbott's administration Service Technology portfolio. Her effort reduced the portfolio by more than 2S percent and provided cost savings of over $400,000. She received and analyzed over 15,000 label reviews for 30 of Abbott's products in more than 150 Countries for $2 million less than the vendor proposal.

Cheryl was highly intelligent and skilled. She contributed greatly to many positions over the span of her career, including Senior Consultant and Compliance Manager for Red Nucleus, regulating Affairs Project. Led Abbott's Senior System Consultant for Baxter International, IT project manager and business systems analyst for Abbott Labs. Product manager for Business logic and Financial Economist for Chicago Board of Trade. Her soft spoken nature, quick wit, kindness and warm heart are deeply missed by her family, countless friends and her two shelties, Brody and Duchess.

Most of this can be found on the computer that was written by information given to the Thompson Funeral Home in Spring Grove, Illinois, from papers found in Cheryl's office by her husband. Just type in - Cheryl Lynn Silva Crawford.

Donations for Cheryl can be made to The RL T, Rehoboth Land Trust, to save the animals, beauty and history of Rehoboth, MA, and will be greatly appreciated by her family and we know Cheryl would Jove it.

There will be no public services at this time. A Celebration of life BBQ will be held by the family during the summer months as the weather warms.

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