December 4, 2021

Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards Grants to 26 U.S. Cities, including East Providence

Grants to Transform Streets and Public Spaces Through The Asphalt Art Initiative


Asphalt Art Initiative provides funds and technical support for arts-driven street redesigns that improve safety, revitalize public spaces, and engage local communities

Inaugural Asphalt Art Initiative in 2020 transformed nearly 86,500 square feet of streets with artwork in 16 cities.

New York, NY – Bloomberg Philanthropies today announced that 26 U.S. cities will be awarded Asphalt Art Initiative grants, providing each up to $25,000 to install projects in 2022-23 that use art and design to improve street safety, revitalize public spaces, and engage residents of their communities. This program is inspired by work done to improve pedestrian safety and revitalize New York City streets during Michael R. Bloomberg’s mayoralty (2002-2013) and the work of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ pro bono consulting arm Bloomberg Associates advising cities on implementing asphalt art projects. These new grants build on the success of Asphalt Art Initiative projects in 16 U.S. cities that were awarded support in 2020.
“Asphalt art projects help cities reclaim public spaces, make them brighter and safer, and build community – all important goals, especially amid the continuing hardships of the pandemic,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and 108th mayor of New York City. “Cities that tap into the power of public art bring new life and energy to city streets, inspiring residents and fostering a shared spirit of neighborhood pride. There can be real civic strength in public art, and this program helps cities capitalize on it.”

Intersection and crosswalk murals in 9 cities including East Providence, RI.

The Mercer Street Crosswalk and Intersection Murals, funded by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Asphalt Art Initiative funds will be used to install intersection and crosswalk murals on Mercer Street, between Hennessey Elementary and Pierce Memorial Field (between 5th and 7th Streets) as a way to increase pedestrian safety, drive community engagement, welcome visitors to the school and recreation complex, instill a sense of community pride and invest in an underserved neighborhood in our community. This project proposes to install one intersection mural and two crosswalk murals, one of them raised, as well as site enhancements.

Project partners include: Department of Planning and Economic Development, Department of Public Works, EP Arts Council and EP School Department.


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