May 5, 2021

Mayor Rogers to seek re-election to the position of City Council Ward 2

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Mayor Bruce Rogers, announced today he would be seeking re-election to the position of City Council – Ward 2.

Rogers, when announcing pointed to the fact that the majority of the City Council, under his leadership supported and fought for consolidation of all City and School Departments. Rogers stated, “Although IT, Facilities and City Clerk/Municipal Court offices are consolidated, our work is not done. We are close to consolidating Human Resources and Finance, this will not only save money because of the efficiency that is created but also because of the attrition factor, some people who have retired will not be replaced.” Rogers continued, “We must not only look at the remaining departments but also must consolidate further and look into the possibility of regionalization. I support our taxpayers by reining in City spending while still maintaining our most valuable City services in a more efficient and effective manner.”

Bruce Rogers in his position as Mayor is also a member of the State appointed Budget Commission and as a member feels that they have been instrumental in assisting the City with its long established financial deficit situation. Part of their work included having all departments present a plan which would separate their essential needs from their non-essential needs in order to further cut expenses. The end result cuts millions of dollars from the City budget and projects a balanced budget going forward for the next five years.

In addition, as a member of the budget commission the Mayor supported a proposal for a Rainy Day Fund Charter change to be placed on this year’s ballot for voter approval. This Fund will be 1% of the yearly total of taxes taken in and can be used only for capital projects for infrastructure repairs such as City roads which are in dire need.

Mayor Rogers further stated that under his leadership the City Council supported a formula to re-allocate some of the CDBG federal monies in support of programs to help our local businesses and to attract new business to the City.

Mayor Rogers further clarified his decision to seek re-election by stating, “My desire to continue to serve the people of the City and to resolve those problems which affect them individually and personally is what I believe a City Council member is elected to do – serve as a go between to the City Administration. I have dedicated the past two years to attaining this goal and pledge to do even more community outreach if re-elected. I understand the needs of all residents both young and old, of varying income levels and of all backgrounds. I will never let them down.”


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