February 24, 2024

Where to Recycle/Repurpose Items that Can’t Go in Your Bin

From the Town of Seekonk

  • Plastic bags or wrap – Bread bags, produce bags, and Ziploc bags all stretch. There's an easy way to tell if bags are eligible to be recycled. As with most recycling programs, there's a rule-of-thumb to remember: The bag needs to be clean and dry and you need to be able to stretch it, at least a little. Try doing this over your thumb. Return the bags to local stores that accept plastic bags such as Stop & Shop, Shaws, or Walmart.
  • Hardcover books – some charities will take books. The library is another possible option although they haven’t started accepting books yet since COVID. The Rehoboth library has a book bin and Savers will take books. Label a box of books “free” and ask local doctor’s waiting rooms or childcare centers if they’d accept them.
  •  Light bulbs – bring CFL, LED, and fluorescent bulbs less than 4 ft. to DPW.
  • Batteries – rechargeable, nickel/cadmium, and dry cell batteries can be brought to DPW.
  • Textiles – Bay State Textile donations bins are at DPW and all schools in Seekonk. Also, Kiducation bins are at Pella Windows and South Coast Collaborative.
  • Paper towels and napkins - They are fine to use in compost bins as long as they haven't been contaminated with any substances that would not be organic. For example, you shouldn't throw in any paper napkins or paper towels that have been used for wiping chemical-based cleaning products.
  • Any food waste – visit https://www.epa.gov/recycle/composting-home  for items to compost at home
  • Electronics – Best Buy will take most electronics for recycling https://www.bestbuy.com/site/services/recycling/pcmcat149900050025.c?id=pcmcat149900050025
  • Packing peanuts – Most UPS Stores will take packing peanuts but other delivery services may as well.
  • Scrap metal - https://www.synergymetalsrecycling.com/  will take scrap metal on Rt. 6
  • Eyeglasses – bring to DPW – deposit in bin inside front door

This is not an exhaustive list. More items will be added as information is available. If you have any questions, please call Seekonk Recycling Committee at 508-336-7407 or email William Kirchmann at wkirchmann@seekonk-ma.gov

The DPW regularly sponsors a Household Hazardous Waste Day for residents. Check the Seekonk Reporter and the town website for updates.


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