June 1, 2023



Last month’s article focused on research on the benefits of hiking and spending time outdoors in nature for both our physical and mental well-being. The Land Trust followed up that story with a question posted on our Facebook account and website asking readers: “Would you be willing to write 1 or 2 sentences on what open land, hiking trails, and open space mean to you and your family, especially this past year?”

Here are just a few of the many enthusiastic responses that we received:
- “The open land/space and or trails means fresh air, sanity, connection to nature, freedom, peace, feeling like everything is ok even if it’s just for a minute.” -Becca
- “During 2020 and a time of isolation, the impact Gamino Pond trails have had on myself and my family is priceless. This particular area of Seekonk...continues to provide serenity, exercise, social distancing options and community involvement, picking up trash and sharing kindness rocks. We as residents greatly appreciate the valuable resource of Gamino Pond.” -Maria
- “It has been a place to explore, move and learn. It has been a refuge many times when everything else is closed, trails are open. With...limited playgrounds in town, having trails has been great with young kids!” -Jess
- “This is the first year I have become aware of the trails near my home, and what a difference it has made in my physical and emotional health during this incredibly stressful year. When I am on the Turner Loop Trail, I am transported to a wonderland, where all the stressors fade away: I see the towering trees, hear the birds and the waterfowl, smell the native witch hazel as it blooms in the fall; I see the sun reflected off the water, and smell the rich earth, as I marvel at the unique shape of the sassafras leaves; I hear the rushing of the waterfall at the dam, and see the wildlife scamper through the undergrowth, as the sunlight streams down through the canopy of the woods. It is there that I am at peace, and made new, once again.” -Amanda

These heartfelt testaments to the restorative power of nature remind us of how fortunate we are to have trails in these preserved areas in our town. The Land Trust maintains trails in Seekonk at the Martin Wildlife Refuge and the Cushing Nature Reserve (see https:/www.seekonk- landtrust.org), the Town of Seekonk maintains the trails around Gamino Pond, and the City of East Providence maintains the Turner Loop Trail.

As Seekonk grows, it is increasingly important that we make a point of setting aside land whether it be for open space, recreation, wildlife habitat, farming or for the health and quality of life of our families. In addition to the Seekonk Land Trust, many of the departments in the town of Seekonk are dedicated to these issues. Our thanks go to all of those working in Town Hall as well as the numerous residents who support our efforts to preserve open space in town.

For further information, please see https:/www.seekonklandtrust.org   or follow us on www.facebook.com/seekonkLCT 

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