August 18, 2022

The McGovern Family’s Fourth Annual Toy Drive for Doorways


The McGovern family’s tradition of giving continues. It all started four years ago when daughter Kaylen was a seventh grade student at Hurley Middle School. Kaylen decided to organize a toy drive for the benefit of families with children who are clients at the Doorways food pantry.

Kaylen enlisted the help of sisters Kerrin and Marley, and they collected over one hundred items for needy children in Seekonk. The following year, she organized a toy drive again, yielding more than two hundred toys that brought joy to dozens of homes in our little town. The toys brought smiles to the face of parent and child alike.

This year, the toy drive amassed hundreds of toys which were distributed to dozens of local children whose families are living through lean times. The toy drive has become a Christmas tradition involving the entire McGovern clan, their extended family, their neighbors and friends. Kaylen’s mom, Jennifer, says the effort has added richness to the family’s celebration of Christmas.

As Charles Dickens observed “It is at Christmas time that ‘want’ is most keenly felt, and abundance rejoices”. On behalf of our clients, Doorways thanks the McGovern family and all the generous people who donated to the toy drive. And may God bless us all, every one.


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