May 9, 2021

Saying Goodbye


It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Francis Farm as we knew it. After leaving there in July 2014 I had always hoped the new owner could make it work. I had even hoped to go back one day and help the new owner kick start it again. That day never came.

I suppose because of the pandemic it never really stood a fair chance. It was a wonderful place to be.

The Public Clambakes always brought friends and family together. Especially the Father’s Day Bake, as it sold out every time. I have met so many people and shared many laughs and jokes around the tables. Mr. & Mrs. Overlock who attended each Bake and sat in the same spot each time were great people. The Bake Masters had the timing down to a science too.

The kitchen prep was overseen by a wonderful lady by the name of Kilma. Working together with her we could figure out how many pounds of potato, onions and sausage was needed, we calculated it all out and Kilma had it well under control. The Banquet Manager, Jean, was always the first on site in the early morning hours setting up tables and chairs, organizing the kitchen and staff. The Chief Cook, Bill got the chowder going and mixed the clam cake batter and Aimee, had the bar area fully stocked and ready to go.

The best part of working there were the teammates. I had the privilege of watching kids grow. They worked hard, it was messy, but they always came through. They have accomplished a great deal in becoming successful. Those “kids” made Francis Farm a success. The best part is they came from Rehoboth, Dighton and neighboring towns that understood the history and the want to regain what once was again. From 2003-2014 it was working well.

To all those “kids” Shailyn, Daria, Matt, Mike, Cassidy, Emily, Hannah, and Savita to name just a few, thank you. It was fun.

To Ken Jr., Kevin, Keith, Paula, and Linda, it was a privilege. Francis Farm will always be remembered as home. I guess that is why they are called memories. Save the good ones.

Doreen Taylor
Seekonk, MA


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