December 1, 2023

Michelle Hines for Board of Selectmen


Seekonk Residents:

April 3rd is our town election. We need to fill seats on the Board of Selectmen and the School Committee, these are the positions that have several people who wish to fill the openings. There are other openings with no more than one resident for the positions.

Why vote? This towns form of government requires these positions to be elected positions. Elected by registered town voters. You can register to vote by March 24th. Your vote counts and that’s not just something to say it really counts, I’ve seen elections won or lost by just a couple of votes.

I feel strongly that residents need to have someone in this office that they will know is considering the whole town and doing what is best for all. When reading social media you don’t feel that way and you should. I will be that person. I want all residents to feel free to stand up at a meeting and ask a question and know they will be heard and their issues will be listened to and considered. You shouldn’t feel like what your say doesn’t matter because it does. This town is yours as well as mine and I know not everyone can be on committees, I can and would be honored to represent our town as a member of the Board of Selectmen.

Please vote on April 3rd or do early voting or absentee ballot.


Thank you
Michelle Hines
Candidate for Board of Selectmen



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