August 18, 2022

Girl Scout Troop 707 Collects Toys for Doorways


To help celebrate the holidays, the young women of Girl Scout Troop 707 conducted a toy drive for the benefit of the children of Doorways’ client families. The Scouts set up several collection points and collected a large number of beautiful toys for boys and girls of all ages; these toys that would become the Christmas delights for many local children. “This was a wonderful thing the Girl Scouts did” said Diane Fox of Doorways. “You know, it is not only the children who benefit from this act of giving. The parents, too, are gladdened; no one wants to see their kid go without at Christmas, and the joy and relief on their faces is a wonder to behold.”

The past year has been a difficult one for Doorways Food Pantry, with increases in the number of clients served and even sharper increases in the cost of feeding those clients. But this community has responded in our time of need, supporting us at levels not seen before, with donations of both food and funds. Your gifts support many Seekonk residents in need of a helping hand, and the food thus provided will fill the cupboards of homes throughout our community during the long winter season. More than seventy local families rely on Doorways on a regular basis, and Doorways, in turn, relies on people like you.

As Doorways closes out their twentieth year of providing food support for Seekonk families, we look back on many hundreds of families who have received necessary support, and over one and a half million pounds of food that has been distributed – all at no cost to our clients, and all made possible by the generosity of the people of Seekonk. Our gratitude is boundless - we are humbled by your support, awed by your generosity, and hopeful for the future. We give thanks for all you do.

May God bless us all as we close out the Christmas season and look forward in hope to the New Year. We long for the day when this cursed pandemic is behind us. Thank you again. We are very grateful for your support.


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