August 17, 2022

Seekonk Schools Have Increased Police Presence


In response to the horrific school shooting in Texas on Tuesday, Seekonk Public Schools have a greater police presence this week.

In a letter sent to parents and staff, Superintendent Rich Drolet said on behalf of the school administration: “We are troubled, disheartened, angered, and saddened learning about the school shooting that took place in Texas today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to these students, families, school staff, and the Uvalde, Texas community. Like many of you, we worry about the frequency of shooting events across our country, and we understand the anxiety that many of our students, staff, and families may be experiencing. Student and staff safety is our top priority, and we work collaboratively with the Seekonk Police Department and Seekonk Fire Departments.”

Drolet also wanted everyone to know the following information:

  • After speaking with Police Chief Isabella, we will have increased police presence outside of our schools this week
  • Our district has implemented the ALICE protocol as a response to any potential armed intruder. ALICE is designed to provide comprehensive preparedness in the event of an intruder in one of our schools. The goal is to utilize infrastructure, technology, and human action to increase overall student and staff safety. Our staff has received training in this protocol and we conduct periodic ALICE (alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate) drills with the Seekonk Police Department and Seekonk Fire Department to run through scenarios and to further increase our preparedness. Each school has a crisis/safety team and emergency response teams
  • We have added security cameras and online monitoring systems to monitor for threats
  • Each of our schools has a school emergency operations plan

Drolet also encouraged parents to monitor their children’s behavior due to any media exposure of the tragedy in Texas.

“Please reach out to your child’s principal, or one of your child’s school counselors, if you feel your child needs specific support processing the horrific events,” Drolet added. “Feel free to reassure your children that we have safety protocols in place.”


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