September 27, 2022

Seekonk High School Field Hockey and Softball Coach Kim Pellerin Receives MIAA Women in Athletics Distinguished Service Award


Seekonk — Superintendent Rich Drolet is pleased to announce that Seekonk High School Field Hockey and Softball Head Coach Kim Pellerin received MIAA's 2021 Massachusetts Women in Athletics Distinguished Service Award.

Coach Pellerin was honored with the Massachusetts Women in Athletics Distinguished Service Award for her generous contributions of time and talent to female student athletes today, May 27, at the MIAA's virtual Celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

"Kim is extremely deserving of this award as she has dedicated herself to the betterment of our female athletes," Superintendent Drolet said. "Throughout our students' field hockey and softball careers, Kim has provided them with unwavering guidance and support. She is a true role model for all athletes."

Coach Pellerin has served as Seekonk High School's field hockey coach for over 30 years. Prior to her serving as a coach, she herself played field hockey while a student at Seekonk High School. Over the past few years, Pellerin has also gone on to serve as the head coach of the softball team in addition to her role with the field hockey team.

Through her coaching, Pellerin has promoted community service, sportsmanship, teamwork and positivity while serving as a model for how to combine competitive performance with character development.

Athletes who have had the privilege of having Pellerin as a coach describe her as urging them to strive to be the best they can be, requiring them to practice until they master any skill, praising their improvement and encouraging them to move on from their mistakes to the next play.

Coach Pellerin was nominated for the Massachusetts Women in Athletics Distinguished Service Award by Seekonk Athletic Director John Moran.

“In her home town of Seekonk, she has developed generations of female athletes who respect themselves, each other and the game. Every young athlete that I have spoken to about Coach Pellerin has had only positive things to say,” said Director Moran.

Additionally, Coach Pellerin was a recipient of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Double-Goal Coach award in 2017. As a recipient of the PCA award, she is one of only eight New England coaches to have been selected and was among the top 150 in the nation.


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