May 25, 2022

Michael Healy for Seekonk Selectman


February 19, 2021

On February 10, 2021 former Seekonk Fire Chief Michael Healy, officially put his name into the race for the Seekonk Board of Selectmen at the upcoming annual town election on April 5, 2021. “My nomination papers for the board were confirmed by the town clerk and I am off and running” he said. “I bring a long history of public service experience in this community that will serve me well for this position.”

Mike is currently setting up a Facebook page where all his current supporters and friends can log on and spread the word about his candidacy. Mike will be looking forward to speaking to the public to gain more support for his candidacy. “I plan to be available to all Seekonk voter’s questions or issues they would like to discuss with me.” “You will find I am very open and will listen to your concerns.”

Michael Healy will bring accountability, proven leadership, and integrity to a board addressing much needed improvements. For Mike, a commitment to follow the town charter and its policies is paramount. “I will bring that commitment to the Board of Selectmen to follow the Town’s Charter and its policies, I will not apply them when they suit me” said Mike.

Please stay tuned for more of candidate Michael Healy’s perspective on why he is the best candidate for the Board of Selectmen. Why a hardworking, transparent and committed person will earn your vote being responsible to the citizens of this great community.


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