June 13, 2021



Dear Friends,We are excited to announce that as of May 29, many pandemic restrictions will be lifted and we can resume a more normal approach to library services. We know this has been a challenging … more
We broughtThe clippers, Geraniums.I talked a lot. Few wordsFrom him.When weWere doneWe stood alone.He readThe namesUpon the stone.I thenLooked upTo see Dad's face.He was Like thisNo other place.Don … more
“I am for a new library, just not now” is a comment frequently heard. It reminds me of my Mother when she didn’t want to say “no” and would say instead: … more

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Every spring I’m amazed again at how quickly the landscape changes to green once the trees leaf out. What a dramatic change of scenery! Yet I lament that spring flowers and blossoms just … more
I’ve heard every excuse in the book for people not leaving jobs they hate. No matter the excuse, it always comes down to fear and doubt—fear of failing, fear that time has passed them by, … more
Nashville, Tenn. — The pandemic of 2020 wreaked a particular kind of havoc on Americans with debt. According to the Ramsey Solutions Q1 State of Personal Finance study, 42% of those with … more

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