April 17, 2021



My name is Joshua Troiano. On Saturday March 27, at approximately noon my father and I entered Seekonk High School in which we were seeking to watch (and my dad vote) the town meeting. We followed … more
Some towns are considering banning the sale of liquor "nips" - those small plastic or glass bottles containing about 50 mls of liquor. A reason cited by the proponents is that these small bottles … more
The humbleCrocusLeads The charge.Up fromThe ground.Not very Large.Out inThe sun.Not far From ice.They areSo brave.They areSo nice.Thank youDon Gardner Seekonk, MA more

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If you guys have been hearing the term “financial literacy” a lot, there’s a good reason—it’s one of the most important money-related topics! And that’s why April … more
Last November I wrote about the proposed plan to turn Camp Buxton on Pond Street into an industrial solar farm, quoting from “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss: “I speak for the trees.” … more
If you’re feeling crushed by your student loan debt right now, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. I get that it can feel like a huge burden you’ll never get off your … more

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