June 15, 2024

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Speaking solely as one Selectman, I personally will not vote to put the BP building project to a debt exclusion vote again. I even had reservations about doing it this past April. The residents of Rehoboth have had an opportunity to vote on this project three times, and each time they have voted against a tax increase to pay for the new building. The Selectmen took time to educate people what the pros and cons were, even had an "information booth" at Francis Farm during the last election where people could come and ask questions about the debt exclusion prior to voting, and people again chose to reject a debt exclusion. Putting the question to the residents a fourth time, as Mr. Rumey suggests, is an insult to every resident of this town who took the opportunity to come and vote.

The Selectmen, and Mr. Rumey, must respect the wishes of the electorate, even if that means reducing spending in other areas in order to "make up the difference" needed to pay the additional cost of the BP bill. The town has to live within its means, just as all of us must do so with our own household budgets.

From: Runey Looks Ahead

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