March 28, 2023

Support Wetlands Preservation Zone By-Law

Town Meeting, May 9th, 2023


On Monday Evening, May 9th, we have the opportunity to vote to support the Wetlands Preservation Zone By-Law. This by-law will provide a 35 ft. zone of protection for wetland in Rehoboth and will help preserve and protect remaining wetlands so necessary for the health of our Community.

Protecting existing wetland helps recharge and clean our water supply, helps reduce flood risks, provides habitat for fish and wildlife, and supports our agricultural community in providing a sustainable water supply for plant and animal life.

A Yes vote for this by-law will effect only new construction going forward. Existing structures are “grandfathered” meaning they will not be considered in violation of the by-law.

Please come to Town Meeting on Monday, May 9th and cast your vote in support of sustaining and supporting our wetlands for the benefit of our whole Community.

Thank you,
Libby O’Neal
Rehoboth, MA


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