September 26, 2023

Rehoboth Selectmen Urge Motorists to Slow Down


Selectman Lenny Mills is encouraging motorists to drive a little bit slower on the town’s roads, especially in the area of Beckwith Middle School and Palmer River Elementary School. “The Police Department is extremely busy with road issues,” Mills said Monday. “I’m urging the citizens of Rehoboth to try to slow down, please take safety in mind, please remember schools started last week and we cannot by law, put (speed) cameras on Route 44.”

Police officers are stationed at the schools in the morning and the afternoon. “It’s very dangerous not to monitor that area. Speeding is unbelievable,” Mills added. “Either distracted drivers or people just not paying attention. We’re getting more and more accidents and more and more incidents on the road. Let’s try to be considerate to our fellow neighbors. It’s a serious problem. As the town continues to grow, we’re going to be challenged more and more.”

Chairman Skip Vadnais said delivery trucks parking on the streets posed a safety hazard. “The answer is not to widen our roads,” Vadnais said. “It’s to take a look at what’s going on. Fedex made a determination that their vehicles can not pull into a driveway. We have determinations that you can’t park on a blind corner so maybe we need to take a look at how people are using our streets.”  


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