December 1, 2023

Rehoboth Congregational Church 300th Anniversary Announcement


On November 29, 2020 The Rehoboth Congregational Church began the Year long commemoration and celebration of the establishment of the Second Precinct of Rehoboth on November 29, 1721. The 300th Anniversary Committee unveiled a banner on the front of the church with the anniversary logo thanks to the help of the Rehoboth Fire Department. Minister Sarah Weaver, the 300th Committee and others in attendance socially distanced included Sarah Cogar, the church member who designed the logo. They honored the establishment of the Church by Reverend David Turner and the ten founding members who organized it with their families. In this unusual year, masks with the logo were created and worn by all and will be distributed to Church members.

The Second Precinct Palmer River Meeting House of Rehoboth (RCC’s predecessor) was commenced building in 1717 after approval of the General Court in Boston. It was a challenging time as the First Church (Newman Congregational) was building a new meeting house and had to relinquish 50 British pounds for this Second Precinct building as well as the cost of 100 British pounds for the minister. The First Church also gave their old pulpit as well as wood from that Church for the facing of the gallery of the Palmer River Meeting House which was completed in 1721 and worship in it began.

We look forward to commemorating the history and are offering a piece of history you can purchase. Handcrafted limited edition bowls were created from a maple tree that stood in front of the RCC Church for 90 years. There are 38 bowls of different sizes and designs as well as natural shading and pattern. We are grateful to the skill and generosity of Ray Medeiros.

Ornaments with the logo created by Jennifer Karl will also be available for purchase.

For more information, the calendar of activities as well as the purchase of memorabilia, you can go to

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