August 18, 2022

Pack 1 Rehoboth Cub Scouts Divide and Conquer for Community Service


This fall the individual dens (grade level groups) of Pack 1 Rehoboth each took on a different community service project. To start, the Lions den (Kindergarten) decorated one of the new Christmas trees at the Redway Plain veteran’s gazebo. They were very enthusiastic about their first community service project and they created their own decorations to hang on the tree. It came out fantastic and represented the Cub Scout Pack well.

Next, the Tigers den (1st grade) cleaned up historic cemetery #7 near the intersection of Bay State Rd and Pond St. This involved clearing leaves along with large branches that fell during the many wind storms. This was a large amount of work and many hours and wheelbarrow trips were spent hauling the debris away. The end result was a spectacularly clean cemetery.

Not to be outdone, the Wolves den (2nd grade) conducted a landscaping project at the Francis Farm gazebo. This involved removing unwanted bushes around the gazebo walkway and also installing new mulch in the beds. The hard work paid off and the project transformed the look of the gazebo in a great way.

Finally, the Bears den (3rd grade) performed a trash cleanup at the Bliss Soccer Field Complex. The entire complex was cleared of trash to include the fields, wood line, along the roads, and parking lot. Many of the Bear scouts are also members of the Rehoboth Youth Soccer Club (RYSC) and were happy to pitch in and keep the site where they play soccer clean.

Overall, the Cub Scouts of Pack 1 Rehoboth made a great combined effort to help their community in numerous ways. They are already looking forward to their next projects to support the community they are proud of, and to also say “Thank You” to the community that supports them.


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