February 2, 2023

Items for the Selectmen's Meeting Agenda


I guess it's time to run my mouth and aggravate my bride of 47 years.

I'm chairman of the Economic Development Committee and have been since 17'. Normally sometime in June we get asked if we want to reappoint members of our committee. Normally, my recommendations are accepted without question. This past June I submitted all the then current members of my committee to the selectmen for their approval. To my surprise, one member was not reappointed, when I questioned why I was informed that he had to fill out a new talent bank form and resubmit it for the selectman's perusal. If this was a new regulation, I would assume that everyone on my committee would be filling out the talent bank form, that was not the case. This person who was requested to fill out the talent bank form had just retired town employment in the school system. I was looking forward to suggesting he take over as chair because of his vast experience in both administration and dealing with large grants. I am baffled at the reasoning behind his non appointment, I'd like to think that personalities should not enter into the selection process, the job should go to the best qualified for the benefit of the town.
Because of this situation I am tendering my resignation the EDUC effective February 1st, 2023.

Now on to my next pet peeve. Our senior center has been under a mask mandate since the beginning of January per the Health Advisory board. I totally understand because of the rising covid numbers their action. As this is a requirement for seniors to enter the COA I feel it should be applied equally. By that I mean anyone, out of respect for our seniors should be required to wear a mask, hats good for the goose is good for the gander (sorry couldn't resist) that would mean any town committee should also be wearing masks, if not for any other reason but to respect our seniors. A little sidebar most of the towns committee and board members are seniors (over 55).

In closing I will be putting these two items on the selectman's agenda as soon as possible. Please check the towns website to see when this meeting will occur.

Please Come To Meeting To Express You Thoughts, or just sit there for support. Town government does not run well without the citizens expressing their views. At most it would be an hour out of your busy schedule on a Monday at 7 pm.

Thanks for accommodating my rant,

Steve Silva


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