September 25, 2021

Community Autism Resources Offers Two New Services


Swansea, Massachusetts, July 27, 2021 – Community Autism Resources is pleased to announce it now offering two new services!! These services include our new College Navigation Service and Assistive Technology Hub.

Our College Navigation Service will help college students navigate campus resources, social situations, and other challenges a student may be facing while attending college. This could include executive functioning challenges such as time management, scheduling classes, organizing class binders, different studying styles, or more.

Some of the services our College Navigation can offer include: Application Assistance, Campus Navigation, Time Management, Social/Recreational, Study Prep, Dorm Life and More!

Our second new service is CAR’s Assistive Technology Hub.

Community Autism Resources has been providing assistive technology support to the community since 2015. Our Assistive Technology Hub supports communication, autonomy, and social connection. Whether through visual supports, speech generating devices, or DIY solutions, we specialize in all levels of support needs.

This program’s core services include: AT Evaluations, Visual System Clinics, Personalized Support, ISP Consultations, and a Lending Library.

For more information about these new programs, please visit our website at  Each of these new services is located under the Services tab.


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