December 9, 2022

Sports Update


The Townie Herd is Born!
A group of students at East Providence High School have formed to show up at school events, on and off campus, for the purpose of supporting classmates.  They dress in Townie regalia; they carry bullhorns and flags and they sing, cheer and dance in the bleachers and stadiums as they offer encouragement to Townie teams.  Although the Herd has student leaders taking charge, the group may have been formed at the urging of high school boys’ basketball coach Joe Andrade.  Andrade has helped organize and advise the group and the Herd has grown to over 135 student members.  “I’m here to advise and help, but the students took the idea and ran with it,” said Andrade.  “There are core student volunteers like Chris Riel, Billy Fitzgerald, Jason Russo, Jacob Leite, Sophia Muhl, John Vaughn, and Marley Nicini.  Marley Nicni is our sports photographer, and Chris Riel and Marcus Bostic take leadership roles with graphics and social media.  Jason Russo and Jacob Leite announcing the games and do the scoreboard, and Billy the Herd and John Vaughn have lead roles in motivating the student sections at games,” added Andrade.

Some of the Herd’s goals are to get the students involved in different aspects of the school and sports, to get athletes to support other athletes, students to support students, and overall keep the culture of the school positive with pride. “I want kids to have fun and have something to look forward to when they are in school.  I want the students to see academic success and to also take leadership roles in our school.  Kids need positive reasons outside the classroom to help them succeed within their studies,” he added.

Coach Andrade, in addition to being a respected teacher, has been a very successful boys basketball coach.  His recent teams have impressed people statewide and the Townies are always competitive, featuring some of the state’s best players.  The driving motivation behind Joe Andrade is to see that high school kids learn and do well.  “I want kids to like school and to have fun and do well.  We all need to support each other, athletes and non-athletes.  Our kids must support all areas like the arts, music, academic clubs, etc.  That’s what Townie Pride means to me.”  Andrade and others are seeing the rewards of the student led Herd.  Recently a parent sent the Superintendent of Schools and School Principal a letter about the Herd. “I am so pleased that my son is part of the Herd,” she writes.  “The biggest goal I have for my son is that he will do well in school, of course.  Not an easy task always.  He did like coming to EPHS last year but since joining the Herd, he absolutely loves coming to school this year.  Thanks to the Herd,” she wrote.  That parent’s sentiment is just the result Andrade was hoping for with the Herd.  “Early this year we have had many successes with the Herd.  I hope it continues as we enter the winter season.  As some would agree, Townie Pride is back,” said the coach/adviser.

School Principal William Black is a big promoter of the Herd.  Black often sits for awhile and cheers with his students in the stands or bleachers.  “The Herd has been a huge asset to East Providence High School this school year.  So many students have invested their time and enthusiasm to energize our community and keep Townie Pride flowing during our games.  The culture and climate of the school has been positively impacted by the Herd.  Students, Staff and Families talk about the Herd often and say how fun it is to attend the games this year.  They have made a massive difference on the high school experience this year at EPHS and we are lucky to have them!” Black told the Reporter.

“The Herd is Townie Pride personified and it is growing by the day,” said EPHS veteran teacher, coach and Athletic Director, Gregg Amore.  “It is a group of positive kids supporting their classmates and creating an exciting environment around Townie Athletics.  They certainly give us a home field advantage,” Amore said.  The Herd also travels to away games when they came.  The group recently attended a volleyball game at Barrington High School.  The theme that night was “dress up” and support Townies in a respectful way.  Indeed, many of the Herd, if not all, were dressed in formal type clothes and were well received.  “The Herd value is in promoting school and community spirit,” adds Amore. “The best part is that this is a student driven initiative that has tremendous support from the school administration and staff,” Amore said.            

EPHS Girls Tennis
The EPHS girls tennis team has enjoyed playing on their brand new courts at the Townie campus.  East Providence will be one of the top seeds as playoffs approach. “Our tennis team loves playing on our brand-new courts,” said head coach Slade Sharma. “The result was a 7-0 sweeping victory in our first match here earlier. I am so proud of these girls for all the hard work they’ve put in to have a successful start. More work to be done and many more matches to be played on these amazing courts! Go Townies!” Sharma adds.  Check the school website for schedules or the Reporter on line for updates:

EPHS Girls Tennis  (Match results to date) 13 and 1 record to Date

EP 6-1 win over West Warwick

EP 5-2 win over Toll Gate

EP 4-3 loss to Bay View/Bishop Hendricken            

EP 6-1 win over Central

EP 6-1 win over Coventry

EP 7-1 win over Coventry

EP 7-0 win over Exeter WG

EP 7-0 win over Johnston

EP 6-0 win over Cranston East

EP 6-1 win over Woonsocket

EP 4-3 win over Scituate

EP 7-0 win over Shea

EP 5-2 win over PCD

EP 7-0 win over Tolman

EPHS GIRLS Volleyball
EPHS Girls Volleyball - 14 and 2 record to Date

EP 3-0 win over Chariho

EP 3-1 win over Mt. St. Charles

EP 3-0 win over Middletown

EP 3-0 win over Pilgrim

EP 3-0 win over Ponagansett

EP 3-1 loss to Cumberland

EP 3-0 win over EWG           

EP 3-2 win over Portsmouth

EP 3-0 win over N Smithfield

EP 3-0 win over Westerly

EP 3-2 loss to Chariho

EP 3-0 win over Barrington

EP 3-1 win over Rogers

EP 3-0 win over Saint Ray’s

EP 3-0 win over Johnston

EP 3-0 win over Burrillville

EPHS Football
The up and down Townie football season has them alive for the playoff picture as of this writing.  The Townies have looked both impressive and sluggish on offense, but they had recent big wins over East Greenwich, 46-14, and Burrillville, 28-13.  Thanksgiving Day football against LaSalle is home this year at Pierce Stadium.    

EPHS Football   4 and 3 Record to Date

EP 47-0 win over Pilgrim

EP 29-22 win over Saint Ray’s

EP 31-7 loss to Cumberland

EP 28-22 loss to Cranston West

EP 40-8 loss to Mount Pleasant

EP 46-14 win over East Greenwich

EP 28-13 win over Burrillville

Martin Boys’ Soccer Team
The Martin boys soccer season ended on a rainy Tuesday night in late October.  The 4-2-2 Wildcats lost to an undefeated North Cumberland (11-0-0) at the Cumberland high school turf field.  “We walked off the bus and on to the Cumberland turf with nothing to lose except a ton of experience, as not one player on our team has ever been in a playoff. The nerves were real no matter how many times they said they weren’t nervous,” said Coach Chris Januario (Coach CJ) after the game.  The team started out well as 8th grade Captain Gerry Gagnon scored 10 minutes into the game.  “Gagnon won a hard battle beating two defenders and tucking the ball into the upper 90 corner, away from the keeper,” noted coach CJ.   The Martin lead didn’t last long as it woke up the North Cumberland powerhouse who applied intense pressure for the remainder of the half while scoring twice.  North Cumberland led 2-1 at the half.

North Cumberland came out of the halftime and scored quickly.  Early into the second half, North Cumberland put the game away and Martin could not catch up.  “We did make some adjustments at the half but although our kids tried hard, we just couldn’t catch Cumberland,” said coach CJ.  With about 10 minutes left in the game, Martin pulled its starters as a deserved “curtain call” and gave “the bench some playoff experience.”

“It hurts to lose in the playoffs after so much hard work and time put in this season but I’m over the top proud of my guys and everything we accomplished,” coach CJ said after the game.  “With losing only three 8th grade starters, the team will come back next year with some experience and the hunger to get back to the playoffs and take it to the next level,” said the Martin coach.  “Our team did reach some pre-season goals.  The boys finished above the .500 mark, they beat cross-town rival Riverside and they made the playoffs.  They also had fun,” added coach CJ.  “I want to thank all the parents, friends and family support we got all season long.  This is a great group of boys and I’m proud of everything they have done.”

Coach Januario let his team know that as playoffs started that “we are in as 4th seed, and anything can happen once we are in the playoffs.  We have had great leadership this year by either grade leader Gerry Gagnon who has been on a hot streak netting 4 goals against first place Paul Cuffee for a 5-5 Tie.  Gagnon continued his steak with two more goals leading the team to a 4-1 victory last month and securing the last playoff spot in the Eastern division,” said the MMS coach.  The team awaits the announcement of where they will play as they get set to go on the road and try to upset the state playoff bracket.

Earlier before playoffs began, Martin and Riverside played in the first annual Mayor’s Cup championship.  Martin pulled away for the City title with a 4-1 win over rival Riverside.  “We pulled out our best performance of the year with this win.  Great leadership by our 8th grade captain Gerry Gagnon who finished with two goals and two assists while rest of the team contributed with effort and determination as well,” said Januario.  “Also congratulations to Coach Mike Resendes and his Riverside Vikings soccer team.  They had a nice season and it’s great to send Wildcat and Viking student-athletes to our high school,” said Martin’s coach.

EPHS Winter Sports begin on Nov. 28
All athletes must have an up to date physical and be registered on Family ID in order to participate. Athletes new to Townie Athletics also need to submit a notarized Assumption of Risk Form-Please see link at the bottom of the page. Please contact the coaches for more information:

Boys Basketball: 

Girls Basketball: 



Boys Indoor Track: 

Girls Indoor Track: 

Comp. Cheerleading: 



Link to Family ID 

East Providence Recreation announces 2022 Turkey Trot 5K / 6 Mile Run
The East Providence Recreation Department will hold the 2022 Turkey Trot 5K and 6-mile run on Saturday, November 19, 10:00 AM at Pierce Stadium, 201 Mercer Street.  5K entry fee is $22 until November 6; $25, November 7 – November 18; $30 on race day.  6 Mile entry fee is $35 until November 6; $37, November 7 – November 18; $40 on race day.

Riverside Little League’s Ed Korkuc Posthumously Honored
Former Riverside Little League coach, Ed Korkuc, who was posthumously honored by the league this morning at the Ron Silva Forbes St. Complex.  As a former coach and RLL volunteer for years, I was pleased to see so many in attendance today.  Coach Korkuk led a 1978 team of combined "Big Boys 16-18" team from several area leagues to a New England championship.  They played well and fell a little short of a national championship played in Florida.

“Thank you to everyone that attended the festivities at the Ron Silva Baseball Complex.  We were blessed with great weather as we shared memories about former coach Korkuc and heard great stories about that amazing 1978 team. It was an honor to meet members of coach Korkuc’s family, see so many former and current players in attendance, and have so many current and prospective East Providence political members take time out of their day to attend and celebrate coach Korkuc’s dedication to Riverside Little League youth sports,” said RLL officials.

“Thank you, Riverside Little League and Bob DaSilva, East Providence Mayor for this honor on behalf of our Dad and the 1978 East Coast champs. It was truly an incredible day that we will treasure for years to come,” said Donna Niederberger on behalf of the Korkuc family.


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