July 12, 2024

EP’s Dave Torti Retires from Ceasar’s Palace


As of June 26th, after 33 years as head of audio at Caesars Palace, one of only two guys since the doors opened in 1966, East Providence native Dave Torti is stepping down.  “It’s been a long and rewarding time at Caesars, from the original Circus Maximus Showroom for 10 years and its’ demise in 2001, to the Colosseum Theater, built for the spectacular Celine Dion’s “A New Day”. I’ve worked with so many great artists and crews over these years, too many to list, but you know who you are,” said Torti in a recent post.  I’ll be keeping an eye on Mom and spending my summers in Rhode Island with her, family, and friends. Winters will be here in Las Vegas, and I’ll be still working a little at Caesars being the best assistant audio guy I can,” he added.

Torti has worked with many great artists and crews over the years, “too many to list here.  I have treasured the special bond I developed with them all.  I’ve traveled all over the world for work, even before my gig at Caesars, mixing sound for various acts, all the time pinching myself, thinking what’s a kid from RI doing here?”  Throughout his career Torti would visit Rhode Island often, especially East Providence.  “I always knew that the people back home supported me. Whether it was my family or close friends, or my induction into the EPHS Hall of Fame, every time I returned home, they would always want to hear about my latest trip or act I was working for. Great to know you can always return home to EP, and that’s what I intend to do every summer from now on, so hopefully I’ll see some of you in those familiar places.  I love East Providence and will always call it home.  Retirement is when you stop living at work and begin working at living,” smiled Torti. 


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