December 1, 2023

East Providence Fire Department Responds to the Arrest of Firefighter Ricky Tiburcio


The East Providence Fire Department is aware of the recent arrest of Firefighter Ricky Tiburcio on domestic charges and other charges. We take these allegations seriously and are committed to ensuring a thorough and impartial, internal investigation.

The East Providence Fire Department is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our community, and we will not tolerate any behavior that goes against our core values. We understand the concerns that may arise from such incidents and assure the public that we will act in a transparent and responsible manner as we gather more information. The alleged actions of one individual do not represent the dedication and professionalism of our entire firefighting team.

While the investigation is ongoing, we would like to emphasize that the matter is now in the judicial system, and we will cooperate fully with the legal process. We remain committed to our mission of protecting and serving our community.

Glenn Quick
Chief of Department


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