July 15, 2024

At the DeBlois Gallery October 7th-29th, 2023


Opening Reception Saturday October 7th, 5-7 PM
Gallery Night Thursday October 12th, 5-7 PM

Our October exhibit, Paint Ink Clay, features the work of sculptor Allison Elia, watercolor painter B. L. Green, ink painter and printmaker Brian Simas, and painter Kimberly Smiley.

Through her artwork, Allison Elia aims to capture “sculptural snapshots” that reveal the transient internal experiences deeply embedded in an individual’s memory. She uses dance and underwater photography as references for the dynamic poise and gesture displayed in each piece. The
conceptual narrative of each sculpture explores the coexistence of guilt and weight, hope and buoyancy that we all feel.

B. L. Green explains her process this way: “White paper, a drop of water, brush charged with pigment -- the magic of water color!” Her fascination with the medium of water color has lasted over 50 years. “My larger studio paintings evolve from what I observe in nature,” transforming, through brush-strokes into patterns of flowing water, ripples or ice flows. “Just like in chess, the next move is reaction after reaction in brushstrokes, edges, light and dark or more color. The painting paints itself!”

In his body of work, Brian Simas pays homage to old masters such as Albrecht Dürer and Katsushika Hokusai. He works primarily in a dark, monochromatic scheme. Finely detailed line-work and bold contrasts in layout characterize his prints and sumi-e paintings. His subject matter varies from moody, imaginary settings and figures to nature studies and quasi abstractions of his own personal experiences and interests.

According to Kimberly Smiley, creativity is a spiritual journey that helps her break through the boundaries that have held her back. Working from sensory memories, she creates pieces that express her own growth, her artist's journey: breaking through confinement and repression to find her voice and express it visually. Vulnerable, yet powerful, her art provokes viewers to find their own meanings and interpretations.

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The DeBlois Gallery is located at 134 Aquidneck Avenue in Middletown and is open 1-5 PM Wednesday through Sunday. All welcome; ample, free parking!

For more information, contact Michael Day, dr.mday@gmail.com


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